Bewl Water Estate Office,
Bewlbridge Lane,
Lamberhurst, Kent,

Inspired by the growing demand for people to reconnect with their environment and enjoy outdoor pursuits, the design of the Earth Lodges incorporates high performance construction and renewable energy technologies in a countryside environment.

earth lodge front view

Cut into a slope, the Earth Lodges are covered by earth banks and sheltered beneath a wild meadow roof, yet are bright and airy with private outdoor space. They would cut into the sloping landscape to minimise visual and environmental impact.

Cross section of earth lodges

Located approximately 150 metres from the water’s edge, the terraced development of 60 two-bedroom units, some with inter-connecting doors to ensure maximum flexibility of operation. The Earth Lodges could accommodate up to 240 visitors and use existing car parking.

The designs incorporate high performance, highly insulated construction and renewable energy technologies, and sited planted into a countryside environment for outdoor living and pursuits.

Interior view from Lodge

The Earth Lodges offer views of the water and woodland, with private outdoor space, making them perfect for a short break holiday